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    Meet The Amerikey Realty Team

    At Amerikey we focus on a wide variety of real estate disciplines. Just like our clients, real property needs are all different. One person could be a first time home buyer with great credit whose putting 20% down on a new construction property who can close in 30 days or less with zero appraising issues, inspection problems, or financing hiccups. And if that's you, then great! But let's stay you are married with three kids, having to switch school systems mid-year because of a last minute job transfer and your ability to buy your future home here in Nashville is completely contingent on the sale of your current home three states away...and it's Christmas. Need we say more? That's why at Amerikey and the Adams Group...

    We Don't Stop At Simple..
    We handle the complex stuff as well. From A to Z. That means from our first consultation with you, well beyond you signing at the closing table, we are 100')/0 with you from start to finish and beyond. We even go the extra mile to do quality checks on your property after you close.

    We call this our "Key +" Program
    This includes:
    14 day Property Check up OPENING DOORS
    30 day Property Check up
    45 day Property Check up
    60 day Property Check up
    6 Month Property Check up
    1 Year Property Check up
    In-Person Follow-ups
    Phone calls
    Preferred Vendor Lists (For Future Home Repair or Renovation)
    Home Warranty Programs
    Free Real Estate Consulting on Future Purchases
    Our work in real estate however goes well beyond residential services. We also work with a large amount of developers, builders, and investors. We work with some of the most talented people in the building and design business around Downtown Nashville. This includes our participation in: land planning, surveying, re-zoning, permitting, building, designing, and development pricing and marketing.

    We also have an Real Estate Owned (REO Property) division and we are an approved representative with Nation Star, Bank of America, Altisource, and many more!

    No matter what your real estate needs are, we have the ability to meet them.

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