• Have you fallen behind on your house payments? Are you facing a sea of foreclosure notices and phone calls from your bank.

    SAY NO MORE. WE get it.

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At the heart of our company, we are problem solvers. Dont try and weather the storm by yourself. If you are facing foreclosure please don’t try and do it alone. In our SHORT SALE AND FORECLOSURE SURVIVAL GUIDE we share many options and topics that can save you time and money and prevent the loss of your future buying potential because of bad credit and loss of income.

In this guide you will learn:

  • Info about our company and our commitment to quality and client relationship
  • The short sale process and difference between a short sale and a foreclosure and how it effects you
  • Top selling mistakes by bad agents
  • The advantages and disadvantages of buying a short sale property
  • Short sale and foreclosure FAQ

We cannot impress enough the importance of having experienced representation through the short sale process. If you are experiencing hardship or know someone who is, please contact us for a free consultation immediately. Time is of the essence!