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When seeking out a real estate agent we knew we had high expectations. They had to be organized, well informed of the market, have a keen eye for value, able to communicate throughout all interactions, provide unbiased advise, be knowledgeable of the real estate process through and through, and have the ability and tact to conduct strong negotiations. Barbara and Angela Adams could both fit that description independently, but together they are a truly special family team. They understood what we were looking for and took on every challenge head on and with professional experience. They were honest, detailed-oriented and everything was executed like a well-synchronized machine.Their completely hands on approach was a pleasant surprise compared to our previous realtor experiences. They spent a significant amount of time inside the home we were selling, and yet another “X-factor” was their vision for staging the property along with additional decor they provided from their own inventory. We could not have been more thrilled when they were able to secure a solid offer within hours of being on the market. They also were pivotal in our buying process of the property that would become our new home. They did a stellar job for our family and we not only gained real estate professionals we completely trust, but friends for life.
Grant & Tania
Here’s to Barbara…my hero! She navigated through the confusing and complicated process of selling my extra lot without blinking an eye. I’m so grateful for the seamless and low stress experience, which I attribute solely to Barbara and her many years of experience. She took what was an idea in my mind many years ago, and made my hopes of paying off my mortgage a reality. For me, there is no greater sense of security and independence. I’m looking forward to meeting my new neighbors!
Jackie O. | East Nashville
For us, coming to Nashville is like coming home. Folks here are so supportive and friendly that on our very first visit to town we made the decision to move from Los Angeles as soon as possible– but, unfortunately, we had nowhere to move to. It was our good fortune to be introduced to Barbara Adams: who, along with her daughter Angela have helped my wife and I purchase two homes here now…both under very difficult circumstances. Their tireless efforts, honesty, sound advice and keen financial savvy were invaluable to our successful relocation; and we could not be happier with both the assistance and friendship they provided us during our move to Tennessee. We would gladly recommend Barbara and Angela to anyone considering purchasing or selling real estate in the Nashville area. They have been wonderful.
Warren and Bridget
Five stars! We had such a fantastic experience working with Angela Adams in the purchase of our home. Angela did a great job of helping us buy the perfect house . I felt like she was as much a trusted friend as an agent. Her knowledge about the Nashville area is outstanding. She was the most responsive and astute real estate professional I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her knowledge of the market is excellent . She is so trustworthy and honest we never had any doubts about her suggestions. She was always looking out for our best interests and has excellent negotiating skills. Angela was always available and made us feel like we were a priority. She made a very difficult and potentially confusing process simple and enjoyable. We highly recommend anyone looking for a home in the Nashville area to enlist her services. She is an excellent agent.
Jian and Huan
Just gotta say a big thank you real quick to my realtor Angela Adams. I know everyone makes these statuses when they buy a house and sh&* but I have definitely made her work harder than most. We were under contract a year ago this Friday when I was fired very unexpectedly and the house fell through. I lost a lot of my savings from that experience and my budget was super tight but she worked extremely hard for me. After what felt like a million house viewings later, I closed on Friday. She got the seller to basically do everything I asked and got the house at $24K under asking. Turns out, my appliances were stolen the night before closing. When I was in a blind rage, she helped me sort everything out and because of a loophole, the seller’s insurance had to deal with it and I closed for real on Monday. So big shout out and thanks to Angela and if anyone needs help in Nashville finding a home, hit her up. Her knowledge and dedication are super impressive and I hate everything so that’s saying something. Please let me know and I’ll shoot you her info.
Tyler Perrillo
I met Barbara Adams about 3 years ago. I called her while she was out of town, but she called me back. I was looking to try to move but needed to sell my house before I could. A company had been constantly calling me trying to buy my home. Barbara Adams told me to wait and talk to her first. Barbara saved me a lot of money, and sold my house allowing me to move on. We waited for the right time, she was patient. She helped me find my dream home and get ready to retire.
Waddell J. | Sylvan Heights
In the 25 years we have bought and sold homes, Angela Adams has been by far the most knowledgeable, helpful and caring realtor we have ever worked with. Angela truly cared about finding us the best property for our money. She has been available all hours of the day and night for our questions & maintained contact well after the closing date. We can recommend Angela with confidence.
Ron & Kris
The “Adamz Girlz” at Amerikey were so wonderful for us to work with… AGAIN! They helped my wife Callie and I find our first home right when we got married and we totally loved that house. It was the perfect starter home for us and we have now converted it into a beautiful rental property. This time around, they helped us find our upgrade home. In many ways, it is our dream home that we hope to stay in for a while and we couldn’t be happier! They are so thorough throughout the process, from securing financing, to house hunting, to making competitive offers and then of course all of the paper work that comes after that. They made themselves available to help us see a lot of homes in a short amount of time, which was huge because the home we bought had multiple offers by the end of a 24 hour period of being on the market. Angela really helped answer any questions we had along the way as well as strategized with us on getting certain things fixed/updated before closing that needed to be done. We could not recommend them more for your real estate needs!
Reed and Callie Pittman
Where do I begin? I was brand new to the area so Angela wasn’t dealing with an easy client! She was very patient and very professional with how she handled my home purchase. She was also SUPER responsive, to the point that we saw a property at noon and we had an offer worked up and submitted by 5pm THE SAME DAY!I would recommend her to anyone!
Cassie Keane