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    Many people are on the hunt looking for homes in Nashville, but some fall through the cracks, miss the mark, and fail to sell.


    If you are feeling frustrated, angry, fearful the your home won’t sell, Believe us, we get it. It’s more common than you think. We hear it quite frequently.

    There could be a million reason why It didn’t sell:

    • The agent was lazy and uninvolved

    • The home wasn’t staged properly

    • The pictures weren’t good enough

    • The price was too high

    • The buyers financing fell out, and on and on and on…

    If you find yourself questioning why you’re home didn’t sell, STOP.

    You can’t go back, but you can move forward.

    FIRST OFF, we won’t bore you with the tons of years of experience and sales stats. EVERY agent does that. What we will tell you is we are LOCAL TO NASHVILLE and have been in business here for close to twenty years, so we KNOW Nashville.

    SECOND, we are a small family business and are personal, professional, and relatable. No gimmicks or quick lines to just get a listing.

    For us, EVERY PERSON is different just like EVERY HOME is different. Not one is alike. We evaluate every property on a case by case basis.

    • We set up a phone call to just talk, see if our team is good fit, and establish firm understanding of why your home didn’t sell.

     • We establish a time to come and look at your property to gather additional knowledge to help us evaluate it

     • We look at the price, location, history, and condition of the property and determine what needs to be done to help you obtain the highest and best price for your home

     • We develop a personalized marketing plan for your property which includes a multitude of selling tools to help you (and us) get the most exposure we can in a timely manner

    Once you are under contract, our team helps guide you through the successful negotiations of contingencies and repairs needed to close. We have title attorneys, contract to close specialists, and even home repair vendors that can help with every issue along the way.

    As a homeowner you have A REASON for needing to sell, and unfortunately A REASON that it didn’t happen. Our job is to figure out why and help execute a strategy for you to win!

    We understand trust is build not earned, but every client we’ve worked with will tell you our commitment to get the job done is unwavering.

    Call Us Today, We’ll Get It SOLD.

    We Treat Your Home Like It Is Our Own.