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    Past Client Give Back Program

    Greetings Everyone!

    We are proud to announce our Past Client Give Back Program.

    We value your business and working with homeowners just as great as you! As a small token of our appreciation, we would like to offer something awesome in return.

    Many of our clients, including you, know at least ONE PERSON who is looking to buy or sell. This could be:

    • A close friend or family member

    • A co worker

    • A gym buddy

    • A neighbor

    • A former classmate

    • A student

    • A person moving from a different city

    • A church member

    • A poker buddy

    Even the random guy you met on the elevator last week (okay, maybe not him…but hey, we’ll do our best.)

    The point is your sphere of influence is HUGE, whether you know it or not!

    So, here’s what we’re offering. Every time you refer someone you know or care about to us, you get a $250 gift card when your friend closes! Imagine, free dinner, a new wardrobe. Heck, send us a bunch of referrals and we may have to put together a vacation package for you!

    Send us a referral and you get paid, it;s THAT simple. We loved working with you and we know you surround yourself with great people too. We would love the opportunity to provide the same level of exceptional service to them as we did for you.

    So please, send us your friends, family, and yes we’ll even take the random guy in the elevator too!

    Thanks so much for your continued support! It’s people like you that keep us going!

    -Barb and Austin